Back to School Math Activity! Team Building Murder Mystery!



This team-building activity makes a wonderful back to school math challenge for 7th – 9th grade classrooms*! Students must work together to solve math problems involving one-step equations, operations with decimals, multi-step word problems, and proportions to figure out who among them is a murderer!

Upon entering the classroom, students are handed unique suspect cards, and assume the identity of grocery store patrons who’ve become suspects after one of the store’s workers is found dead. The students must solve a series of math problems to uncover the suspect’s identity and solve the murder mystery!

Product Includes

(25) Unique Student Suspect Cards
(1) Murder Mystery Math Clue Sheet 
(1) PPT Story & Introduction

*Please look over the preview carefully, to see if this is suitable for your classroom. The problems are designed to present students with a challenge, but the emphasis is Team-Building, so the students shouldn’t get bogged down with the math.

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