Linear Equations Activity QR Code Escape Room

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In this Linear Equations QR Code Activity, students find themselves inside the office of a crazed accountant, and must solve linear equation problems involving slopes & y-intercepts from tables, graphs, equations, and two points in order to unlock his filing cabinet and save an innocent victim before time runs out!!

Students will work together at three different QR stations to find hidden QR codes & clues and ultimately solve for the combination code that will unlock the filing cabinet!

Students must solve for slope, y-intercept, and x-intercept of linear equations from word problems, equations, tables, and graphs. “Level Up” student sheets are provided that require students to place equations in slope-intercept form before solving.

Included in This Download:

(1) PowerPoint with Story & Mission for Students – Labeled, The Accountant
(3) QR Code Stations w/ student worksheets
(1) Transformation Guide w/ access to Set-up Instruction Video
(1) Full Key
(2) “Level Up” student sheets, for more advanced students

**Highly recommend purchasing a 4-digit combination lock, but an alternative is suggested in the Transformation Guide**

This highly engaging activity will require some set-up and is not a “print & go” game. Teacher prep will require cutting out & taping up QR codes, setting up 3 stations, placing a secret file in your filing cabinet, acquiring & setting up a 4-digit combination lock, and I highly recommend watching the set-up instructional video & reading all directions.

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