Scientific Notation Activity! Mini Mystery!



This low-prep activity is an engaging way for students to practice converting to and from scientific notation and standard form, as well as operations with scientific notation.
Students are given character cards when they enter the room and assume the role of a student visiting the planetarium. The students become suspects when a planetarium worker is murdered during their visit. Now they must work together to solve the Clue Sheet and figure out who among them is the murderer!
This product is aligned to 8.EE.A.3 & 8.EE.A.4 and 8.2C
This Product Includes:
  • 1 Murder Mystery Story PowerPoint
  • 1 Murder Mystery Clue/Worksheet (with QR Code)
  • 24 Unique Suspect/Character Cards
  • 1 Full Answer Key & Set-Up Guide

2 reviews for Scientific Notation Activity! Mini Mystery!

  1. lm_admin

    This is such a great resource, and a wonderful way to keep the students engaged! My kids love these mysteries! BUYER

  2. lm_admin

    It was a great.. JESSICA F.

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