Solving One-Step Equations and Inequalities Activity! Mini Mystery!



Your students will be excited about solving one-step equations and inequalities with this low-prep solving equations mystery. In this classroom transformation, students are told that one person among them has secretly been selected for a top secret research project, based on their mathematical capabilities. Students must solve the mystery and figure out who among them is the “Chosen One”, using the clue sheet provided. The clue sheet includes 13 solving equations and inequality problems, and a QR code cracker.

Included in this Solving Equations & Inequalities Mini Mystery:

(1) Chosen One Mystery PowerPoint (Story/Mission)
(25) Student Candidate Cards
(1) Student Clue Sheet
(1) Clue Sheet Answer Key

Please note that this activity has the same story/premise as this Multi-Step Equations & Inequalities Mini Mystery.

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