Lauren Fulton Math

2nd Grade Two Digit Addition Without Regrouping Activity


Looking for a unique, engaging way for your 2nd grade students to practice two digit addition without regrouping? This mystery activity is perfect!

Students become heros when Mr. Darby's ball is taken from his back yard! They must add two digit numbers to solve the clues and figure out which of the Sneaky Bandit villains took his ball!

This product also includes measuring the heights of each supervillain in inches.

This Product Includes

  • 3 Story Cards
  • 6 Super Villain Cards
  • Student SuperHero You! Cards (for Students to Create Their Own SuperHero)
  • Addition Clue Sheet/Worksheet for Students (Includes a QR Code for Students to Scan and Convert their Answers into Letters that Spell out the Villain's Favorite Color. Non-QR Code Option Included.)
Total Pages : 8 pages
Answer Key : Included
Teaching Duration : 45 minutes

This product aligns to CCSS 2.MD.A.1, 2.MD.A.3 & 2.MD.B.5

Wonderful math resource! Your products are always so well done and perfect for the classroom. - Draz's Class