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7th Grade Math Activity Bundle | Mystery Games


Are you looking to ENGAGE your 7th grade math students? This digital & printable Activity Bundle will have your students excited about solving math problems! With 9 Mystery Activities, these are perfect end of unit reviews, Fun Friday activities, or monotony-breaking games!

Eight of the activities are skill-specific, and one is a Math Team Building Mystery!

When you purchase this bundle, you also get access to all future 7th grade Mini Mysteries - at no additional charge!

Each Activity Includes

  • Murder Mystery Story PowerPoint
  • Murder Mystery Clue Sheet
  • 35 Unique Suspect/Character Cards
  • Full Answer Key & Set-Up Guide
  • Optional PDF to Print Suspect Cards as Name Badges on Avery 25395 Badges
  • Digital Version of Each Activity is Included! 

Topics Covered in This Bundle

  1. Ratios & Proportions
  2. Percent Proportions
  3. Tips, Taxes & Totals
  4. Probability
  5. Area & Circumference of Circles
  6. Writing & Solving 2 Step Inequalities
  7. Solving 2 Step Equations (Free & Linked Below)
  8. Similar Figures
  9. Team Building Mystery (Suitable for grades 7 - 9)

**Please note that the set of notes utilizes Tic-Tac-Toe method for factoring quadratic equations. You do not have to use this method in order to enjoy and use these notes in your own classroom, but a video guide is provided to help you use this method. I have been using this method for years, and have seen incredible success with my own students.

Total Pages : 80+
Answer Key : Included
Teaching Duration : 1 Week

This product aligns to CCSS 7.G.A.1,,7.G.B.4,7.SP.C.6,7.SP.C.7a,7.SP.C.8

We did this activity just before a holiday break and the kids LOVED it! We had so much fun and they proved they knew their stuff!-Tammy W.