Lauren Fulton Math

8th Grade Math and Algebra 1 Digital Activity Bundle


Do you teach 8th Grade Math & Algebra 1? Looking for a digital activity bundle that covers both subjects and their overlapping content? Look no further! This no-prep bundle includes 21 topics, each with 3 activities (Code Name, Maze Time, & Mad Math) for a total of 63 activities!

Check out this FREE Function Notation Digi Pack to see the activities included in each set!

Topics Covered 

8th & Algebra

  • Slope from Graphs
  • Slope 4 Ways
  • Solving Multi-Step Equations
  • Identifying Functions
  • Solving Multi-Step Inequalities


  • Transformations
  • Interior Angles of Triangles
  • Pythagorean Theorem
  • Volume of Cylinders, Cones, & Spheres
  • Real Number System
  • Scientific Notation
  • Simple Interest
  • Comparing & Ordering Real Numbers


  • Function Notation
  • Graphing Linear Inequalities & Systems of Linear Inequalities
  • Key Features of Exponential Functions
  • Key Features of Quadratic Functions
  • Solving Quadratic Functions
  • Factoring Quadratic Functions
  • Domain & Range
  • Exponent Rules

When my students are learning remotely for part of the week, I need materials that will engage them, are well done, and easy to assign and grade. This resource fulfill those needs. My students have a wonderful resource that they can use to learn asynchronously and I have all the time that I would have spent on creating that resource (without a fraction of the skill or level of engagement) to use on making sure that I am coordinating my materials so that students get the best of me. Thank you so much. - Julie S.