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Algebra 1 Digital Activities Bundle


This Algebra 1 digital activity bundle includes 39 activities for students, featuring NO-Prep and easy grading for teachers!! If you're looking for a digital, engaging way for your students to practice their Algebra I skills, this is it!

All future Algebra Digi Packs (Digital Activity Packs) will be added to this bundle!

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⭐This Digital Activity Bundle Covers the Following Skills⭐

  • Factoring Quadratic Equations
  • Domain & Range
  • Identifying Functions
  • Slope from Graphs
  • Slope from Equations, Tables, 2 Points, and Graphs
  • Solving Multi-Step Inequalities
  • Linear Inequalities & Systems of Inequalities
  • Key Features of Quadratic Functions
  • Exponential Functions
  • Solving Multi-Step Equations
  • Solving Quadratic Equations
  • Function Notation
  • Laws of Exponents/Exponent Rules

Each of the 13 Activity Packs Includes

  • 1 Digital Code Name Activity
  • 1 Digital Math Maze Activity
  • 1 Digital Math Mad Lib Activity
  • Video & Written Directions on How to Share Activities with Students
  • Teacher Keys
  • Options to Share Activities Separately or All Together

*Please note this product is made with Google Slides. It is not a PDF product. Complete directions are given for accessing and using this activity with your students.

Total Pages : 120 + Teacher Instructions
Answer Key : Included
Teaching Duration : 3 Weeks

This product aligns to CCSS  HSA-SSE.B.3a, HSA-REI.B.3, HSA-REI.B.4, HSA-REI.D.12 & HSF-IF.A.1

So excited to use these activities for remote learning and differentiated instruction in class. Thanks for creating and sharing! - Kayla M.