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Correlation Coefficient Notes


Looking for Correlation Coefficient Guided Notes? This set comes complete with a VIDEO LESSON + Digital and Printable version, so you have everything you need!

Problem Types Include: Calculating the correlation coefficient of linear data in tables and graphs, and describing the strength of the correlation.

My Algebra Guided Notes Contain 4 Sections:

Explore section for students to explore the topic before direct instruction

Explain section for direct instruction

Execute section with independent practice

Enrich section with a challenge problem

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This Resource Includes

  • 2 Pages of Student Notes
  • Digital & Printable Versions (Digital version in Google Slides)
  • Teacher Keys
  • Video Lesson


      Total Pages: 2 + Digital Version & Keys
      Answer Key: Included
      Teaching Duration: 40 minutes

      This product aligns to CCSS HSS-ID.C.8
      There is much to like about this resource, and my students did have a good understanding of the correlation coefficient by the end of the lesson. However, I think more needed to be done with interpreting what a correlation coefficient tells you regarding line of best fit. That is a question that often pops up on our state test, so I needed to add that in. I also disagree with the parameters of weak, moderate, and strong as indicated in the answer key, but that was easy enough to modify to my own when working through the lesson with the students. - Julie S.