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Equations and Inequalities Unit - Algebra 1 Curriculum Unit 2 Bundle


Complete Solving Equations and Inequalities unit for Algebra 1 Curriculum! Includes notes, quiz, test, video lessons, and a question bank to create your own homework, bell ringers, and customize your assessments!

This curriculum is truly unlike any other on the market. Designed to make your life easier with video lessons for absent/sick students or sub days, editable reviews & assessments, and ready-made question banks so you can easily customize assessments, bellwork, and homework!!

Unit 2 Covers the Following Solving Equations & Inequalities Topics

  • Solving Multi-Step Equations (2 Days of Notes)
  • Solving Equations with Word Problems
  • Solving Absolute Value Equations
  • Literal Equations
  • Graphing Inequality Solutions
  • Solving Multi-Step Inequalities
  • Solving Compound Inequalities

Each Algebra Curriculum Unit Includes

  • Digital & Printable Notes & Practice
  • Video Lessons for Each Set of Notes
  • Editable Question Bank with Templates to Create Your Own Homework, Bellwork, Exit Tickets or Custom Assessments
  • Editable & PDF Assessments w/ Digital Versions Included
  • Editable & PDF Unit Review

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**This product is designed to be compatible with CCSS and TEKS with some modifications. Modification Notes: graphing inequality solutions, solving compound inequalities, and solving absolute value equations should be omitted for TEKS.

    This product aligns to CCSS HSA-SSE.A.1, HSA-SSE.A.1a, HSA-CED.A.1, HSA-CED.A.3, HSA-CED.A.4 & HSA-REI.B.3

    I use this in both my resource classes and my inclusion classes. Works great for both gen ed and special education students. - Chelsea N.