Lauren Fulton Math

Factor out a GCF Notes for Quadratic Equations


This set of Factor out a GCF notes comes with a VIDEO LESSON and an explore section so your students can engage with the new concept before they learn it!

With digital and printable versions, you'll have everything you need to teach factoring out a GCF from quadratic expressions.

Each set of notes includes an Explore section for students to explore the topic before direct instruction, direct instruction in the Explain section, independent practice in the Execute section, and a challenge problem in an Enrich section.

Video lessons are provided for distance learning, absent students, or sub days!


This Resource Includes

  • 2 Pages of Student Notes
  • Digital & Printable Versions (Digital version in Google Slides)
  • Teacher Keys
  • Video Lesson
Total Pages: 2 + Digital Version & Keys
Answer Key: Included
Teaching Duration: 40 minutes

This product aligns to CCSS HSA-SSE.A.1a & HSA-SSE.A.2