Lauren Fulton Math

Factoring Quadratic Functions Notes Factoring Trinomials


This 6 day, no prep set of notes will guide your students through factoring quadratic equations. Students will begin by learning why we factor quadratic functions by examining key features of parabolas in order to gain a deeper, richer understanding of the content.



This Set of Notes Includes


  • Bonus Day of Key Features of Quadratics - Why We Factor
  • 1 Day When a = 1
  • 1 Day When a is not 1
  • 1 Day With a Greatest Common Factor
  • 1 Day of Difference of Squares
  • 1 Day of Mixed Practice

**Please note that the set of notes utilizes Tic-Tac-Toe method for factoring quadratic equations. You do not have to use this method in order to enjoy and use these notes in your own classroom, but a video guide is provided to help you use this method. I have been using this method for years, and have seen incredible success with my own students.

Total Pages : 45 pages
Answer Key : Included
Teaching Duration : 1 Week

This set of notes is aligned to CCSS HSA-APR.B.3 , HSA-REI.B.4 , HSA-REI.B.4b and TEKS A.10E , A.8A , & A.7A

Really helpful guided notes used with students. Examples were thorough and effective. - Kristina R.