Lauren Fulton Math

Finding Mean Median Mode and Range Activity | Adventurous Joe


Looking for a highly engaging Mean, Median, Mode & Range Activity? This self-checking game is unlike anything your students have seen before and includes an animated story with alternate endings!

In this Adventurous Joe activity, Joe gets captured by pirates & must help them find their buried treasure or walk the plank! Students must use data to find mean, median, mode and range problems correctly so Joe can escape!

Problem types include: Finding mean, median, mode & range from data sets, including data from tables.

❤️Why Students & Teachers LOVE this Resource❤️

  • Self-Checking. If students answer the questions correctly, Joe makes it out of his sticky situation. If they make a wrong turn, his adventure turns sour!
  • Engaging. The ONLY math product on TpT (that I can find) with an animated video story to accompany the activity.
  • No Prep. Just print & go!
  • Versatile. Choose to watch the videos as a class, or use the QR codes & have students work independently.


Included in this Product

  • Animated Video Story w/ Alternate Endings
  • 15 Task Cards w/ Variety of Problem Types
  • 1 Adventure Maze (black/white & color options)
  • Student Recording Sheets
  • Answer Keys
Total Pages: 1 Animated Video, 15 Task Cards, 1 Student Maze
Answer Key: Included
Teaching Duration: 45 minutes

This product aligns to CCSS 6.SP.B.5c & 7.SP.A.2