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Finding Slope from Graphs Tables Equations and Two Points Digital Activity


Looking for a NO-PREP set of digital activities? This set of Slope games is perfect for distance learning. With 3 digital *Google Slides activities, students will get all the practice they need finding slope 4 ways: from graphs, equations, tables, and two points! BONUS Algebra Version!

Practice problems include solving for slope from points, graphs, tables, and equations in slope-intercept form. Algebra version includes equations written in standard form.

⭐This Digital Activity Pack Includes⭐

  • 1 Code Name Activity
  • 1 Math Maze Activity
  • 1 Math Mad Lib Activity
  • Algebra Version of all 3 Activities (Same Games, but includes Standard form of equations)
  • Video & Written Directions on How to Share Activities with Students
  • Teacher Keys
  • Options to Share Activities Separately or All Together


*Please note this product is made with Google Slides. It is not a PDF product. Complete directions are given for accessing and using this activity with your students.

Total Pages : 10 + Teacher Instructions
Answer Key : Included
Teaching Duration : 1 hour

This product aligns to CCSS 8.F.B.4

Fun way to review slope! Thanks! A great digital activity. My students noted that the graphs were sometimes hard to read/determine what points it actually passed through. An easy review of how to zoom in on a Google Slides helped that. - Amy S.