Lauren Fulton Math

Fun Solving Multi Step Equations with Variables on Both Sides Mini Mystery 7th - 9th Activity


Looking for a LOW PREP, HIGH ENGAGEMENT Solving Equations with Variables on Both Sides Activity? Your students will love this MYSTERY!

In this multi-step equations mystery, students are given unique suspect cards and assume the identity of an amusement park guest. When one of their fellow park guests is robbed, it's up to your class to figure out who the thief is and solve the mystery!

Students must be able to write & solve multi-step equations, including the use of distributive property, with variables on both sides in order to clear their name and figure out who among them is the thief!

The digital version of this activity is created in Google Slides and includes a full set of instructions for students and teachers.


This Product Includes

  • Murder Mystery Story PowerPoint - w/ Google Slides Option
  • Murder Mystery Clue/Worksheet - Digital & Printable Versions
  • 35 Unique Suspect/Character Cards
  • Full Answer Key & Set-Up Guide
  • Video Instructions for Teacher - How to Assign Through Google Classroom

    This product aligns to CCSS 8.EE.C.7, 8.EE.C.7b, HSA-CED.A.1, HSA-REI.B.3 & TEKS 8.8A, 8.8C, A.5A

    Students struggled at first to understand that they needed to use the whole document to keep track of their findings. Once they figured that out it was smooth sailing. Thank you for this resource. - Jennifer W.
    This was a fun activity to practice skills. The students actually enjoyed solving the equations so they could solve the mystery! - Deborah K.