Lauren Fulton Math

Geometry Spiral Review Warmups, Bellringers, Bellwork for 1st Six Weeks


1st 6 weeks of spiraled warmups (bellwork) and review to help your Geometry students review standards throughout the year! TEKS and CCSS aligned!

Spiraled review has never been easier than with these quick, no prep, 5 minute warmups!

These warmups are designed to cover skills/standards commonly taught within the first 6 weeks of school: Lines, angles & planesLine & angle relationshipsAngle proofsTranslations, reflections, & rotationsSequences of transformationsTriangle congruence & proofs

These Print & Go Warmups Include

  • 30 Days, or 6 Weeks (60 Problems) of Spiraled Warmups
  • 2 Problems per Day, Each at EOC-Level Rigor
  • 1 Standards Guide, with CCSS and TEKS Standards Listed for Each Problem

This product aligns to CCSS 8.G.A.5, HSG-CO.A.1, HSG-CO.A.3, HSG-CO.A.5, HSG-CO.B.6, HSG-CO.B.7, HSG-CO.C.9 & HSG-CO.C.10