Lauren Fulton Math

Holiday Christmas Mini Mystery 7th 8th Grade Algebra 1 Middle School Activity


This Holiday Math activity makes a wonderful Christmas challenge for 6th - 9th grade classrooms*! Now including Digital and Printable Versions! Students must work together to solve problems involving one-step equations, operations with decimals, multi-step word problems, order of operations, plotting points, interpreting graphs, and proportions to figure out who among them is a murderer!

Upon entering the classroom, students are handed unique suspect cards, and assume the identity of guests at a ski lodge. Their lovely winter break ski trip is interrupted when a resort worker is found murdered in the bathroom. The students must solve a series of math problems to uncover the suspect's identity and figure out who among them is the murderer!

This activity is a perfect team-building activity for the holidays, though no holidays are mentioned in the product (only winter break) so it can be used year-round if desired.

⭐Product Includes⭐

  • 30 Unique Student Suspect Cards
  • Murder Mystery Math Clue Sheet + Graph & Menu Information Sheet
  • PPT Story & Introduction
  • Full KEYS

*Please look over the preview carefully, to see if this is suitable for your classroom. The problems are designed to present students with a challenge, but the emphasis is Team-Building, so the students shouldn't get bogged down with the math.