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Key Features of Quadratic Functions Notes Worksheets FREE


This FREE set of guided notes introduces key features of quadratic functions and graphs to your students. Students discover roots, x-intercepts, zeros, solutions, axis of symmetry, y-intercept, vertex, minimums & maximums! This works as a perfect introduction to Key Features & Transformations of Quadratics in Vertex or Standard form, or even an introduction to factoring.

This Product Includes

  • 4 Student Pages
  • Full Teacher Keys & Notes

*Please look over the preview carefully, to see if this is suitable for your classroom. The problems are designed to present students with a challenge, but the emphasis is Team-Building, so the students shouldn't get bogged down with the math.

Total Pages : 2 pages
Answer Key : Included
Teaching Duration : 40 minutes
This product aligns to CCSS HSF-IF.B.4 , HSF-IF.C.7a and TEKS A.7A

My students love how the notes are all compact for easy reference. They felt they could grasp the concepts because they weren't concentrating on making their notes look perfect. (I used for both Honors and CP Algebra 1 classes.) They used for reviewing before the EOC. - Xen M.