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Laws of Exponents Activity Exponent Rules Algebra 1

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Students must EsCaPe the JuNgLe in this Laws of Exponents activity, solving problems and collecting supplies along the way! This NO PREP game is perfect for keeping Algebra I students engaged in math class!!

This Escape the Jungle is a part of my Digital Dollar Spot, and makes a perfect warmup, exit ticket, homework, or quick-practice activity.

Problem Types Include: Simplifying expressions involving zero, negative & rational exponents, as well as multiplying, dividing, and raising exponents to a power.

This Product Includes

  • 8 Student Problems
  • "Show Your Work Page"
  • Full Teacher Keys
Total Pages: 1 Student Page
Answer Key: Included
Teaching Duration: 30 minutes

This product aligns to CCSS 8.EE.A.1 & HSA-SSE.B.3c