Lauren Fulton Math

Linear Equations Activity - Escape Room!


In this Linear Equations Activity, students find themselves inside the office of a crazed accountant, and must solve linear equation problems to save an innocent victim before time runs out! This activity includes problems involving slopes & y-intercepts from tables, graphs, equations, and two points.

Students will work together at three different QR Code stations to find hidden QR codes & clues and ultimately solve for the combination code that will unlock the filing cabinet!

Students must solve for slope, y-intercept, and x-intercept of linear equations from word problems, equations, tables, and graphs. "Level Up" student sheets are provided that require students to place equations in slope-intercept form before solving.

Included in This Download:

(1) PowerPoint with Story & Mission for Students - Labeled, The Accountant

(3) QR Code Stations w/ student worksheets

(1) Transformation Guide w/ access to Set-up Instruction Video

(1) Full Key

(2) "Level Up" student sheets, for more advanced students

**Highly recommend purchasing a 4-digit combination lock, but an alternative is suggested in the Transformation Guide**

This highly engaging activity will require some set-up and is not a "print & go" game. Teacher prep will require cutting out & taping up QR codes, setting up 3 stations, placing a secret file in your filing cabinet, acquiring & setting up a 4-digit combination lock, and I highly recommend watching the set-up instructional video & reading all directions.


Total Pages : 25 pages
Answer Key : Included
Teaching Duration : 1 hour

This product aligns to CCSS8.EE.B.6 & HSF-LE.A.1a

This escape room is so engaging. The cooperation and competition aspects are perfect for middle schoolers. - Tonia M.