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No Prep Surface Area of Prisms Activity


This Surface Area activity is a fun and engaging way for kids to practice surface area of triangular and rectangular prisms! Students are presented with a classic murder mystery riddle, and they must solve the multi-level surface area problems to find out who the murderer is!

This No-Prep Product Includes

2 Student Work Pages (a total of 10 problems)


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 Ultimate, No Prep Volume and Surface Area Activity Bundle! No Prep Mysteries!
 Volume & Surface Area Activity Bundle! No Prep Mysteries (Prisms & Cylinders)


Total Pages : 4 pages
Answer Key : Included
Teaching Duration : 45 minutes

This product is aligned to CCSS 7.G.B.6 and TEKS 8.7B

My students had fun with this! I had a few that cheated and used a calculator when they were told not to. I have a policy of No Work No Credit. They turned in papers with correct answers and no work. They were so proud that they solved the mystery. I explained that the answers and the mystery were there for them to check their answers. That was not what I was grading. I was actually looking at/grading the work they did to get the answer. They got to start all over again and show their work. :) However, they love the mysteries. - Krista P.