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Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Activity & Notes Bundle


This low-prep parallel and perpendicular lines activity & notes bundle is an engaging way for students to learn and practice writing equations for parallel and perpendicular lines from graphs, equations, points, and word problems!

The set of guided notes & practice will guide your students through an exploration of equations of parallel and perpendicular lines. By the end of the lesson, students will be able to define and identify parallel and perpendicular lines, as well as find the equation of a line that is either parallel or perpendicular and goes through a given point.

In the mystery activity, students become suspects after a fellow traveler is murdered on the airplane. There are only a few clues about the murderer, and the students must write equations for parallel and perpendicular lines to figure out who it is!

This Product Bundle Includes

⭐Over 3 Pages of Student Guided Notes & Practice

⭐1 Full Teacher Key & Teacher Notes (3.5 pages)
⭐ Murder Mystery Story PowerPoint
⭐ Murder Mystery Clue/Worksheet
⭐ 24 Unique Suspect/Character Cards
⭐ Full Answer Key & Set-Up Guide

**Please note that the set of notes utilizes Tic-Tac-Toe method for factoring quadratic equations. You do not have to use this method in order to enjoy and use these notes in your own classroom, but a video guide is provided to help you use this method. I have been using this method for years, and have seen incredible success with my own students.

Total Pages : 19 pages
Answer Key : Included
Teaching Duration : 2 days

This product is aligned to CCSS HSG-GPE.B.5 & TEKS A.2E and A.2F

My students loved using the resource and enjoyed doing something different in class. - Nathan M.