Lauren Fulton Math

Solving One Step Equations Mini Mystery 6th Grade Activity


Looking for a low-prep, engaging activity for students to practice solving one step equations? This printable & digital mystery will have your students eager to set up and solve equations!

Students become suspects after a the hotel chef is found murdered. There are only a few clues about the murderer, and the students must set up and solve one step equations to figure out who it is!

Students are given character cards when they enter the room and assume the role of a hotel guest. Their peaceful sleep is interrupted when the hotel's cook is found dead. They must work through the clue/worksheet to clear their own name and figure out who among them is the murderer!

The digital version allows students to work independently to solve the mystery by solving for clues on the clue sheet to eliminate suspects and figure out who the murderer is. This version is created in Google Slides & includes full student and teacher instructions!

This Product Includes

  • Murder Mystery Story PowerPoint
  • Murder Mystery Clue Sheet
  • 35 Unique Suspect/Character Cards
  • Full Answer Key & Set-Up Guide
  • Digital Version of the Activity with Teacher & Student Instructions
  • Video Tutorial for Sharing with Students in Google Classroom

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    This product aligns to CCSS 6.EE.B.7