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Systems of Inequalities Activity Escape Room


In this Systems of Linear Inequalities QR Code Activity, students find themselves inside the office of a jewelry embezzler, and must solve multiple types of inequality problems to unlock her filing cabinet and link her to the theft before time runs out!

Bundle & Save - Systems of Inequalities Notes & Activity Bundle!!

Students will work together at three different QR stations to find hidden QR codes & clues and ultimately solve for the combination code that will unlock the filing cabinet!

Students must write and graph systems of inequalities from word problems, identify points that satisfy inequalities or a system of two inequalities, identify slope & y-intercept and convert inequalities to slope-intercept form.

Included in This Download:

(1) PowerPoint with Story & Mission for Students - Labeled "Inequalities Escape Room Story/Mission"

(3) QR Code Stations w/ student worksheets

(1) System of Inequalities Map

(1) Secret File for Students to Find in Filing Cabinet

(1) Set-Up Instructions & Set-Up Video

(1) Full Key

= 20+ Total Pages of Product

**Highly recommend purchasing a 4-digit combination lock, but an alternative is suggested in the Transformation Guide**

This highly engaging activity will require some set-up and is not a "print & go" game. Teacher prep will require cutting out & taping up QR codes, setting up 3 stations, placing a secret file in your filing cabinet, creating a quick classroom map, acquiring & setting up a 4-digit combination lock, and I highly recommend watching the set-up instructional video & reading all directions.

Total Pages : 20+
Answer Key : Included
Teaching Duration : 1 hour

This product aligns to CCSS HSA-REI.D.12

My students loved doing this as a review activity! - Elizabeth B.