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Unit 1 Algebra Curriculum | Assessments and Question Bank for Pre-Algebra Review


Editable Assessments for Pre-Algebra Review Unit 1 for Algebra 1 Curriculum! Includes both editable and PDF versions of the Review & Test, plus an additional 32 problem question bank to customize your assessments!

Unit 1 Review & Test Covers the Following Pre-Algebra Topics

  • Combining Like Terms
  • Distributive Property
  • Translating Verbal Expressions
  • Solving 2 Step/Basic Equations

Each Algebra Curriculum Unit Includes

  • Editable Question Bank with Templates to Create Your Own Homework, Bellwork, Exit Tickets or Custom Assessments
  • Editable & PDF Test w/ Digital Versions Included
  • Editable & PDF Unit Review

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**This product is designed to be compatible with CCSS and TEKS with some modifications. This particular unit is suitable for both CCSS and TEKS aligned schools, though translating verbal expressions is no longer part of TEKS for Algebra 1.

    This product aligns to CCSS HSA-SSE.A.1, HSA-SSE.A.1a & HSA-REI.B.3