Lauren Fulton Math

Volume of Cylinders Cones and Spheres Mini Mystery 8th Grade Geometry Activity


This Digital & Printable activity will keep your students engaged as they practice finding the volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres to solve a murder mystery! Students become suspects after a pool party guest is found murdered, and they must solve volume problems involving cylinders, cones and spheres in order to clear their name and figure out who did it!

As soon as students enter the classroom, they're given a unique character card and they assume the identity of a pool party guest. This activity includes a PowerPoint Story to brief the students before they begin working on their Clue Sheet and solving the mystery!

This Product Includes

  • Murder Mystery Story PowerPoint
  • Murder Mystery Clue/Worksheet
  • 35 Unique Suspect/Character Cards
  • Full Answer Key & Set-Up Guide
  • Optional PDF to Print Suspect Cards as Name Badges on Avery 25395 Badges
  • Digital Version in Google Slides!

This product aligns to CCSS 8.G.C.9 and TEKS 8.7A

My students were very engaged in this activity. It helped reinforce those formulas needed to solve volume. They liked figuring out the mystery. - Jennifer M.